As well as service packages we also offer a full range of fitting, fixing, adjusting and alignment services. We'll do our very best to get you back on the trails as soon as we can or if we don't have the parts we can book you in at a time to suit. At very busy times it may take us a little longer to get you going but don't worry, you can have a wander or relax in the cafe next door while we get to work.

Accessory Fitting (each) £9.00
Bike Build Up £35.00
Bike computer/GPS/camera fitting & Set Up £18.00
Bike Wash & Rhino Shine (includes a bottle of Shine)  £18.00
Bottom Bracket Replacement (facing extra)  £27.00
Bottom Bracket Facing (plus BB replacement cost)
Brake Adjustment and Alignment  (per brake)  £9.00
Brake Bleed (with Pace Dot4 Racing Fluid/Shimano Mineral Oil - per brake/end)  £18.00
Brake Cable & Block Replacement £18.00
Brake Cable Replacement £9.00
Brake Calliper Fitting £18.00
Brake Lever Fitting £18.00
Brake Pad / Block Replacement (per brake/end) £8.00
Brake System Fitting – Hydraulic inc. bleed (per brake/end) £27.00
Cassette & Chain Fitting £18.00
Cassette Fitting £9.00
Chain Fitting £9.00
Chain Repair (from....) £9.00
Chain Ring Replacement £18.00
Chainguide Fitting (from....) £27.00
Chainset Fitting £18.00
Cones (Hub) Adjustment (pair) £18.00
Crank Bolts - Check & Tighten £5.00
Drivetrain Replacement (Cassette, chain & cranks) £36.00
Drivetrain Replacement as above plus bottom bracket) £54.00
Fit / Replace / Straighten Mech Hanger £18.00
Fork Servicing (Mini Service from) £29.95
Freehub Fitting £27.00
Gear Cable Fitting (inner and outer) £18.00
Gear Indexing (per end) £9.00
Gear Shifter Fitting £18.00
Handlebar Fitting £27.00
Hub Service (front) £18.00
Hub Service (rear) £27.00
Innertube Fitting (tube extra) £5.00
Jockey Wheel Replacement (pair) £9.00
Mech Fitting (front or rear) £18.00
Mech Jockey Wheels Replacement (pair) £18.00
Pedal Fitting (pair) £9.00
Saddle Fitting £18.00
Seat Post Fitting (plus saddle if necessary) £9.00
Suspension (dropper) Seatpost Fitting (including remote lever & saddle) £36.00
Shock Servicing / Tuning (Mini Service from) £29.95
Spoke Replacement & wheel true £27.00
Stem Fitting £9.00
Tyre Fitting £9.00
Wheel Build (by DT Swiss trained and qualified technician
Wheel fitting (including fitting tyre and tube) £18.00
Wheel True £18.00


All Additional work is charged at £9 per 15 minutes work.

All parts not included in service charges unless stated - Parts charged at SRP.

All prices include VAT.